Nowadays, media files come in different shapes and sizes. Some applications or media devices are compatible with only some media formats, thus it’s a good idea to have a software that can convert them from a format to another. This will make you sure that the file is playable using a certain application or media device. Unfortunately, using just Windows alone doesn’t help at all, as the operating system doesn’t include a feature for converting media files. That’s why turning to additional software is the only option left. Applications like BlackShark Video Converter can really do the job.

Don’t be fooled by the name of the program. It’s not just for converting videos, but also music and image files, making it a complete media conversion solution. It’s a Windows application, like most media conversion software on the market. As such, it doesn’t need special skills to be installed and it also has a simple interface.

Creating a new conversion task only requires clicking on the green button inside the interface. Doing so will display a window in which the user can add the desired media file. After doing this, he can select the resulting file format and also quality settings. The program is compatible with most media file types mostly used on the market and it also includes some quality profiles, for making the converted files compatible with some devices, like Apple TV or iPhone. Compatible with the program are also video DVDs, allowing the conversion of them to different video formats.

After making all the necessary changes, the video file will be converted and the process will be displayed in the program’s interface, in real time. After it’s over, the conversion task will be moved to the Converted tab. The program allows having a lot of conversion tasks running at the same time, but too many of them may have an influence over system performance.

BlackShark Video Converter includes some options which allow setting the number of system resources that will be used during the conversion process. Besides that, BlackShark Video Converter can automatically shut down the PC when a conversion is complete, which is very useful for large media files that require a lot of time to convert.